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I am of the firm belief that when we perceive Science as an objective, abstract entity removed from social contexts that is undertaken by those among us with a propensity for it, we lay ourselves open for science to become a tool of oppression that marginalises both other forms of knowledge as well as the many communities affected (sometimes disproportionately) by its findings. Science is not objective, nor are scientists a particular breed of people. This expectation burdens and corrodes science - its assumed ephereal, removed nature in many ways replicates that of the other system that underpins our behaviours: religion. In fact, the assumption of its objectivity is what has given Science the agency to challenge modes of thought that was historically imposed by upper classes of Western society.

But this agency has become a prison cell as Science is now forced to live up to definitive abstractions such as statistical p value p=0.05 marking the difference between fact and anecdote, or the notion that if it wasn't captured by camera or through the binocular lens of a western-trained scientist then it didn't really happen. So my goal is to showcase Science as it is rooted in its social context and make it accessible and, therefore, fairer and more accurate.

One of the most enjoyable ways I do this is through visual communication

here are some of my designs

Indigenous Knowledge infographic

Infographic explaining key research findings about the nature of indigenous knowledge and the difference between what I call "Functional" knowledge and "Specialist" knowledge. All elements drawn by me.

Maroon Knowledge and amphibians

Infographic explaining the importance of Maroon Indigenous Knowledge in solving the data-deficient crisis recently reported amongst amphibians. See my journal section to hear more.

Scientific Knowledge infographic

Infographic explaining research findings around how scientific knowledge is generated and valued in IUCN Red List assessments - specifically around the 71 threatened neotropical parrots. All elements drawn and designed by me.

Penguin illustration

This is a picture of some penguins next to some 2Pac lyrics... just because

A.agilis fact file

This is an example of the Fact Files I plan to make as part of an upcoming project (should I get the funding). I'll keep you posted!

Timeline of my research infographic

Finally, this is a infographic of my research schedule. It has been useful in conveying my progress to both funders as well as the indigenous community that sees me returning year after year and are interested in knowing when exactly I plan to finish!

Photo Gallery

A selection of nature photography from both home (London/UK) and away (my field site)

Cockpit Country