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A Tree is Known By its Fruit

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The musings of Lydia

Welcome to my personal website: one part Natural History journal, one part open contemplation. It is a social, conceptual, and digital space where I consider the mysteries of nature and the nature of things. I have a particular interest in knowledge: what it is we know, how we know it (and at what cost), how we prove to others that it is known, and what we have ignored in the process. Often I interweave ecology with different ways of knowing because I believe this aspect is integral to both the science and how we communicate it.

Often I disseminate findings from my research, but above all, this is a place of unapologetic self-expression - both of which challenges and encourages me to ask "what is wild?"

About me

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I am a doctoral student in the final stage of my Human Ecology PhD that explores the value of knowledge in conservation spaces: how it is categorised; who produces it; how it is disseminated and consumed; what affects its evaluation. I do this in the specific instance of parrot conservation in a Jamaican forest inhabited by indigenous Maroons for whom parrot hunting is a centuries-old tradition.

I am also a National Geographic explorer; in this capacity I explore open-access conservation tools that can help us to monitor the biodiversity of endemic species in politically, geographically, and culturally isolated spaces.

I am interested in Natural History in its widest possible sense: the dynamic, political, remote, visible, wild, and manufactured forms it takes. I am also interested in the complex interactions occuring within nature - and this includes humans.

Skills and Interests


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Scientific Illustration

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Coding: Python, HTML, CSS (I built this website from scratch)

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Wildlife Photography

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Indigenous knowledge

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Open access: Infographics, local/public engagement, information-sharing

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